Welcome to Adequate Yearly Progress! In my first episode, hear from my amazing mom, Cora Sterling, who in her lifetime has taught ESL for adults, Spanish to elementary school students, and now is the founder and executive director of Literacy Lab, a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the love of reading through theater.

Download: Adequate Yearly Progress Episode 1 Cora Sterling

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2 thoughts on “EPISODE 1: CORA STERLING”

  1. Dear Erin: For years I have been going up to the 11th floor of the Medical-Dental Bldg. in Seattle. As I stepped off the elevator there was this photograph of a young lady standing by an airplane, with the name “Cora Sterling” My Grandmother’s name was “Cora” My Curiosity grew more every time I stepped of the elevator, ” who is this lady to have a photograph in the Medical-Dental Bldg.” Thank you for the audio interview of your mom. She sounds like a great person. L.W.

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