Welcome to Adequate Yearly Progress, episode 15. In this episode, I interview Adam McDonald, a relatively new computer science teacher. Adam just started teaching at Eckstein with me this year and has an interesting background: he studied history in college, taught in Thailand for a few years, worked at a nonprofit to get students into computer science, and on a non-teaching but generally interesting sidenote, is the youngest of 12 kids!  Listen to Adam talk about his optimistic outlook on teaching, what computer science education at a middle school looks like, and how history and computer science go hand in hand.

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Welcome to Adequate Yearly Progress, Episode 14. In this episode, I finally interview a school librarian so you can understand what we do and why we do consider ourselves teachers. TuesD Chambers is an energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic school librarian at McClure Middle School in Seattle, WA who has years of experience as a language arts and social studies teacher and who transitioned into a school librarian a year and a half ago.  Listen to TuesD talk about the day-to-day life of a middle school librarian, why this profession brings her so much joy, and the impact she has had on a few students in particular.

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