Welcome to Adequate Yearly Progress, episode 8.  In this episode, I interview Sam Huckabee, who also used to work with me at Eckstein Middle School and now teaches special education at Jane Addams Middle School in Seattle. Sam is one of those compassionate, super-organized, and confident teachers who forges strong relationships with students. Listen to her talk about her how she transitioned from teaching theater to special education, how she deals with the sometimes frustrating bureaucracy that education and special education in particular can be, and her future career aspirations.

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Welcome to Adequate Yearly Progress, episode 7. In my seventh episode, hear from my friend, Kendra Hoerst, who used to work with me at Eckstein Middle School as a language arts/social studies teacher and now works at Whitman Middle School. She is a warm and caring person who I share book recommendations with and can be found laughing with her students, and (bonus!) also plays roller derby. How cool is that?? In this episode, Kendra talks to me about growing up in a nontraditional school environment, strategies to teach struggling students, and a learning experiment with clay.

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